st- Art Amsterdam Art Gallery

View a variety of art collections from the most cut-through artist in our Amsterdam art gallery.

An Overview of the Art Collections

Art touches each one of us differently, as a result it triggers curiosity. We offer a variety of art with the potential to connect with you in a way that could surprise you.

Artists take risk and express their creativity by telling a story. In short, they share their pains, struggles and emotions to create something with the potential to resonate with us. Therefore, st-Art embrace the artist and help them showcase their work with you.

st- Art Amsterdam Art Gallery private viewings

Privately enjoy artworks in the st-Art atelier in Amsterdam, while viewing a selection of artworks from talented artists and having a drink.

Come with friends or on your own, so you can discuss with us your art taste and let us entertain you with our art knowledge.

We can host a max of 5 people at the time every Monday and Tuesday starting from 17.30.

Our Amsterdam Art Gallery is Free to access.

Our location is Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat 32 – 3, 1052kb, Amsterdam.

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Hey, I am Carlo Tozzi

Founder & Art Director

I am an Italian living in Amsterdam with more than 20-year experience in the art industry. First I started as an artist, with exhibitions in Madrid, London, Amsterdam, and Den Haag, after that, I expand into curator. The curator activities intensified with time, six years of international workshops, lectures, and art events. As a result, in January 2019, I started st-Art to strengthen my passion for mentorship and curating. In other words, I help young and contemporary artists excel in the art industry.