Adele Cerbasi


Adele Cerbasi was born in 1977 in Naples, Italy. As a younger girl, she attended a traditional education in classical studies, and later she accomplished a diploma in Architecture. Art happened in Adele’s life as an epiphany, something that has eventually always been there without been revealed. She began with watercolors for its functionality and applied to a painting class at Arteficio, an art school in Naples.
Adele Cerbasi is an enthusiast with a joyful yet investigative personality, and this pushed her to build a full-time passion, using art to explore more about life and human beings.
In her paintings, Adele aims to tell stories. The peculiar detail she uses is not to start with an already definitive one, as she instead wants to surprise herself by what the painting will lead her to. In other words, to Adele painting is a journey, a tool to discover new perspectives while traveling, building a path she will create through every single stroke.