Alberto Grant


Having 40 years and more of passionate work on him and not feeling them is the real charge that identifies Alberto Grant, long-time designer. Italian, pioneer of a fluid and versatile style that has marked, with its imprinting, numerous advertising campaigns, brands of prestigious companies, public bodies and international events, demonstrating with modesty and spirit that, in the end, being communicative means touching sensitivity and intrigue. How intriguing is his atelier, where everything seems to come alive: plants, objects, rhinos, his great passion. Everything welcomes you promptly, to invite you to abdicate the anarchic idea that transforms itself from a creative flash to a sign of rare mastery.
The rhino, why? Perhaps for the singular form; perhaps because it finds the energy it releases when it is in motion mesmerizing. Specimen of a non-extinct species, witness of every possible path. A synthesis between past and present, imagination and reality, material power and lightness. The forex or metal shapes are born from the experience gained in graphics applied to communication, which are rendered with primary signs, defined colors, docile to any type of reproduction. His artistic curriculum is closely linked to his professional one because the two are very similar – often complementary.