Anna Scarpetti


Anna Scarpetti is a contemporary Italian artist born on 2th of November in 1986; she graduated from the art high school in 2007 and she moved to Venice (where she still lives) to start her studies at the “Academy of Fine Arts” where she gets the first and second level artistic diploma with the highest score.
Each canvas is an experiment, an experience that leads to evolution; in her works the moods, thoughts, and perceptions are exorcised through entities placed in surreal and suggestive scenarios, Anna paints freely and spontaneously, extraneous to rules and constraints, gives life to her works traveling between figurative and abstract.

Anna has participated several exhibitions and competitions, currently an her personal and permanent online exhibition is “Dimensioni subliminali”, in November 2020 she was published in the Italian art magazine “Expoart” and again in November 2020 she was published in the 56th edition of “catalog of modern art Mondadori”.