António Teodósio

I started to draw at a very young age, whenever I had a pencil and paper at hand I started to draw. One day I received a small box of watercolor and two brushes, this day marked the beginning of my passion for painting. With the intention of learning more about painting techniques, I intended High Art School for five years where I learned oil and watercolor painting techniques as well as World Art History.
Light and color are a constant predominant in my watercolors as well as the details, coming from my connection with my career as an architect.
My key themes are focused on the cities views, iconic buildings, using an unusual perspective view and bringing them back from the forgetfulness.
I love painting with watercolor for its transparency and as a means of allowing me to transmit the beauty of color, light and shadow.
I exhibit regularly in the Netherlands and other countries like Italy, where I received the International Award of Art at the 2019 Nemi International Biennale. My work is represented in private collections in several countries and also at the António Carneiro Museum in Portugal and at the Nemi Town Hall in Italy.