Benjamin Nyari

Benjamin Nyari (1988, New York) finished his fine art studies at the University of the Arts in London,

UK and obtained his Masters of Arts degree there in 2021.

He exhibited in Budapest, London and in Amsterdam where he currently lives. He is working in an artist community where other artist, musicians and fine artists have their studios.

Fine art has been part of his life since his childhood, his father and fraternal grandparents are also fine artists. So the artist studio is an intimate environment, and the paint and canvas are familiar to him and to his every day life.

His art is intuitive, full of freedom, strength, sensitivity and energy. In his paintings, he pays great attention to the details of colours and shapes, textures of the background.

This abstract expressive attitude consciously avoids any classical approach, and the painting becomes a figural and neo-expressionist scene from the cavalcade of colours, forms, shapes and background.

The special characters appearing are either alone or turned to each other and telling us the story of the painting.These works show us the inner self of the artist, his doubts, anger or happiness.

Nyari pays special attention to the titles of his paintings, they always reflect to the current events in our world, or express his strong emotions. There is no “Untitled” painting, they always address something important to us.

His technique is acrylic paint, oil chalks, glue, pencil on canvas or on paper.