Carola de Risi


My name is Carola, I’m 19 years old and I was born in Naples.
When I was about ten or twelve, I started drawing a bit but I never thought it would become my greatest passion and deepest joy.

At 14, my mother started an Art class in Naples and after a few lessons she drew me into her world: a beautiful, colored, and magical one.

So, I guess everything really started there. We met an extraordinary, special teacher who wasn’t only incredibly good at her work but also a special human being.
Most of my artworks are Oil paintings. I love this technique but to be honest, at first, it was pretty hard.
A year later, I also attended an art class in New York at the Art students league, an extraordinary place where I met some amazing artists.
Anyway, I hope, one day, to become as good as my mother was.