Caterina Ceccarelli


My name is Caterina, and I’m an Italian artist/designer that is passionate about both fashion and the arts. I presently live and work in Italy. My investigation began when I was in high school. I attended an art school at the time, and I began to use a variety of approaches to create abstract paintings. I was able to define my personal aesthetic; I received a degree in exhibition and interior design. During this time, I decided to combine my design education with my artistic abilities. I always push myself to learn new things and pursue interests that inspire me. I relocated to China in 2014, where I have since worked as an interior, graphic, and artist for numerous businesses and galleries and displayed my work at venues including solo and collective exhibitions from 2018 till now. My artwork continuously demonstrates my great sense of artistry, creative thinking, and fashion inclination with an aesthetic eye. I have a mature attitude toward self-expression and am capable of incorporating emotional thought into my artwork.