Darren Hall


West Oxfordshire, UK-based Darren Hall (dh Arts Studio) always has the art world wondering what he is going to create next. His works – in all forms – are highly accessible and are gaining increasing attention on the international stage.

Darren began his artistic journey from a very early age for his mental state. He progressed with his art during many periods of mental and physical inability. Since 2009, he has participated in a number of collaborative projects and has sold & exhibited his work throughout the world.

In 2012 Darren was involved in a life changing accident whilst cycling. His recovery required many hours of art to control depression, anxiety and boredom following many operations etc. A diagnosis of C/PTSD in 2015 and the diagnosis of  the onset of early dementia in 2019, has propelled his art career as he could no longer function in a normal working environment.

He became a full time artist and devotes many hours a month to helping repel his differing moods, absence moments and many more bouts of so many emotions with nightmares.

Unlike many of his contemporaries, Darren is self-taught which gives him his own approach to – and definition of – art. He believes in constantly taking risks, uses many different styles for his well being and within these styles he makes them his own. Darren believes that inspiration can be found wherever he looks. He has and is blessed to have kept such a conceptually creative mind that his visions can come to him as he paints, he changes direction multiple times with each painting.