Dina El-Sioufi

United Kingdom

Born in Alexandria Egypt I grew up and studied in London UK. My first degree BSc and postgraduate diploma were in Physics/ Mathematical Physics 1989, Kings College London University. I then taught freelance and did the translation. During the 1990s I started art history studies including 2 Art Diplomas; Christie’s 1993 and Sotheby’s in Post-War & Contemporary Art, 1996/7. While freelancing I completed an MA in Modern French Studies Birkbeck London University; dissertation “ Staging the Feminine in Balthus &Pierre Klossowski “ 2000. I went on to an interdisciplinary Ph.D. UCL: dissertation “Hans Bellmer & Experience of Violence”, 2006.
I continued freelance work but started in 2010 attending short painting courses at RDS, Heatherleys, Slade Summer School, and in Nice & Lyon, France.
Solo Exhibitions
November 2016 – March 2017 Egypt the Eternal Inspiration, Egyptian Embassy Berlin, Germany.
2017 March-May Same exhibition at Egyptian Cultural Bureau ( ECB) Mayfair, London.
2017 ( July) -2018 (January). Egypt Eternal Inspiration, Egyptian Cultural Office/ Egyptian Embassy Vienna, Austria.
October 2018. Recollections of Things Past, Afternyne Gallery, London, UK.
2020 ( February-May) Writing and Difference, ECB Mayfair, London.

Short private & group exhibitions 2014-2019.
I have worked in public and private collections, London, Austria, Egypt, France, Kuwait.
Most of my work especially the most recent involved a fragmented collage of my personal readings and “ dialogues “ with poetry, philosophy, artists, music, opera, etc. With stress on cultural identity and its openness and limitation via painting.