Dmytro Trach


Dmytro Trach (October 31st, 1995) is a Ukrainian multidisciplinary artist based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
The world of art has arrived in his life at the early age of 10 when drawing classes became a way of spending time with his peers. After participation in several local exhibitions at the age of 15, Dmytro got inspired to experiment with the different mediums and started selling his first artworks.
Throughout university times and his immigration to the Netherlands, the occasional work in the studio and teaching art turned into a way of scooping everyday inspiration.
Currently Dmytro is residing in Amsterdam. His paintings are often executed with acrylic colors on canvases while his style varies from figurative art to realism and surrealism. Dmytro also experiments with digital drawing and has executed multiple digital portraits throughout the past years.
The subject matter of Dmytro’s work often touch open the topic of self-exploration, equality, life values and war. Since the begging of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, his artworks were exhibited in multiple fundraising events that helped his community to raise donations for the Ukrainian army.
At the moment Dmytro is working on a set of still life works directed to emphasize the physical and social value of food as the part of human existence.