Elena Bandurka


I am a contemporary artist, I am engaged in various art projects, such as creating installations, conceptual photography, abstract painting and more, sometimes I sew a collection and create jewellery. One of my black&white photos, get Berliner Liste Special Edition during Berlin Art Week 2017.

I like to work in eco-art and other types of a socially important genre of contemporary art. I am inspired by what is happening around us. Ideas like the lightning sparkle in me. Sometimes it’s not easy to immediately realize an idea, I like to combine unusual things and surprise. I want to draw attention to open questions, such as preserving the environment, by using unusual materials in my work, as well as how beautiful a woman’s portrait is in black and white shadow. I have many ideas, but my main goal is to tell people in an accessible and interesting language how important is the preservation of the purity of our ecology and beauty will save the world and love makes us wiser.

Studied at Sotheby’s Institute of Art
Studied at Christie’s Education London
Solo Exhibition in Universiti in Ukraine 2010
Privat Exhibition in Ukraine 2010
Berliner Liste 2017
Leipzig Art Fair 2017
Brussel Art3f 2017
Luxembourg Art Fair 2017 by Art3f
“Global Warming” Kyiv Ukraine 2018
“34 installations” Kharkiv Ukraine 2019