Elizabeth Berezina


I was born in St.Petersburg, Russia. This is a city saturated with classicism and the culture of antiquity. Since childhood, antiquity inspired me more than modernity. I even believed in Zeus, honestly). I was a real pagan. Then the Imperial Academy of Arts. These were wonderful years, which gave me a lot of development.

Excessive proportions of a body, contradiction of a masculine and a feminine element are my personal methods of resistance to unification, to the effacement of gender differences in modern society. We all have inherited a very insignificant amount of elements from our great Ancient predecessors and have absorbed too much from an average contemporary gadget-addicted human being.
I am playing at the contradiction between exquisite form and ironic content. It is not fully equivalent to the Ancient time images, it is more a reflection of Ancient time by a contemporary human being. The basic mythological element of our consciousness is not changing. So, I am searching for a sort of interplay between the ancient and the modern world”