Eric Don


Eric Don born in Breda on 29-07-1954, studied at the National Academy of Visual Arts Amsterdam, is an extremely talented artist. He is the author of amazing and suggestive two-and three-dimensional works of art from iron, steel and bronze, wood and stone, whereby his material indicates the design language.
In addition to sculpture, Eric Don also makes paintings.
Eric is unsurprisingly living and working overlooking the wide water expanse of the IJ river which is still enshrined by the remnants of the Amsterdam harbor, where he is constantly inspired by the robust industrial heritage of his immediate surroundings. The impressive huge metallic crane guarding the entrance of his workshop functions as a forceful beacon to his primary sources of inspiration.
The waste driftwood and weathered rough metal material, staging as the scarred fruits of toiling workers, the products of the Industrial Age, seemingly carelessly thrown away in our Postmodern Age, apparently meaningless, but simmering with a yet unearthed internal life, are only waiting to be detected and made apparent by the artist.
Eric Don is respectful of and attentive to the primal message uttered by the mute stone, wood, metal. They touch him, he recognizes their grace and extracts their initial anonymous meaning. He knows their history of violence and aggression through his experience with the past of the shipyards. It is this extraction of their soul, this implication of a vigorous creative process that makes the artist stand apart. He imbues them with a new life.
There is no true metamorphosis of the object in the sense that the anonymous object had already been instilled with an inner life long before, perhaps at the end of the 20th century, or perhaps at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, or perhaps even in more distant ages, just waiting to be given a second or a …seventh life during the course of the creative process. The artist lets the material sing with the words and music which belong to it.
Eric Don wants to live with the objects. Not just comment on them.