Gurgen Arutunyan


Gurgen Arutunyan, 1976, Yerevan, Moscow.
I am an ordinary “nowadays Renaissance” artist. My rebirth has been happened in 2014, at the age of 38 (before that, as an artist, I existed only in my childhood).
My first public exhibition has been happened in 2015 when I turned 39 – so I bravely took my place in art somewhere between Gauguin and customs officer Rousseau. These guys were also not in a hurry to express themselves.
I don’t wait for inspiration but jump into it with a brush at the ready. I managed to perpetuate in a series of paintings Urartu ancient history, paid my own tribute to Hercules, explored the world of simple male pleasures and women. I could not resist against the jazz orchestra and surrendered to primitive voodoo – I had fun as I can. As a southern Armenian, I love family values. Painted son, tree, and house.