Iacopo Maria Fiorani


Representative Italian artist in the scenery of the brand new movement of art called Hyperexpressionism, the new contemporary concept of art started in Italy in 2016. Recognized by two particular techniques named “switching” and “scraping”, conceived and developed by himself. The Scraping is a process of adding and removing layers of paper and colors, the exact inverse way as the Switching process works. Switching method is the one Iacopo most identifies with, calling it: “The reconciliation of instinct with form”. This technique consists of the intricate process of gluing together paper pieces previously soaked in paint and then fixing them onto a fresh canvas. Initially rebellious to expose his art on galleries, thanks to a persuasive forward-thinking critic of art, his work now has been shown in various events in Europe, among which Berlin, Paris, Rome, Prague, together with artists like Hsiao Chin, Mario Schifano, Franco Angeli, Mimmo Rotella.