Ilona Dell’Olio


Born in Ferentino in 1980, after having lived in Brazil, Miami and New York, Ilona recently chose Fuerteventura as the new base for an ever-evolving artistic journey, characterized by undeniable creative energy. An energy that is totally reflected in her favorite artistic practice: live painting. The inherent spontaneity within her live performance unites painting, music and colours in a way that is unique to that particular moment. Instead of disturbing the process, the people around it contribute to the formation of the works, offering continuous sensations and stimuli from which to draw inspiration.
The materials she uses reflect the rough, visceral nature of art conceived in the stomach, rather than in the brain.
An artist in constant and insatiable movement; she pours into her works the passion for the unknown, seeking deeper knowledge and delving into the depth of our inner selves. The ego is often uncertain, unformed, like some of the faces she paints: within sharp, precise contours, the faces mingle, boil and blend together. And it is then that the journey becomes perdition, a free fall in the mind of others.