Jovadre Art

Women and their body shapes are now the canvas for me, that’s the start. My computer houses all the techniques to digitally edit that canvas.
I will play with the naked figure by alienating them. I am looking for a mixture of Expressionism and Naive Art. When the shape is there, I look for the color scheme. I also determine where and which relief I want to appear in the work.
The shape and color together often give a double message in my work. It must be intriguing to see, but almost every work has an underlying story.
Color scheme and color accent is a long process of blending and playing with layers in Photoshop.
All backgrounds are created by myself.

Art was no part of my growing up. At high school a teacher discovered my talent for working with colors and shapes. A painter tried to let me develop my own style. I wasn’t ready for that yet.
Photography came into my life when I was 13 years old. It wasn’t until much later, around my 40th birthday, that photography became really serious. After many wanderings and disappointments, I grew naturally to my newness. I naturally became an artist, it was the way that was shown to me. The digital evolution was invented for me it seems.

See for other (photo) work my website. Recent you ‘ll find on instagram johanvandreven