Kat Kozic


Originally from Croatia, I lived in many different countries, London for 22 years and now I do live in Amsterdam.
Being creative, making art and the art in general is something I can’t live without.
I’ve finished Ma in Fashion Design at Instituto Marangoni in Milano and MA in Fine Art at City & Guilds of London Art School.
I was always drawn to the progressive, being fashion, art, music or way of thinking.
By progressive, I consider thinking outside the box, pushing the boundaries.
Can fashion be art, masculine vs feminine are some of my favorite questions, but above all serving to empower the women. I have huge respect for strong, independent women, which of few I painted, and many more I admire. However strong, those same women have their insecurities, anxieties, pain and suffering, just like I do.
I’m longing for the beauty, as glorious in itself, but the beauty can be found in dark and uncomfortable places too. All of this is reflection and it’s interweaved into my work.
The one who influenced and inspired my work the most, among many other artists was Alexander Lee McQueen.