Laura Isaza


Hi there, my name is Laura and I am a visual artist whose work switches between Disrupted realistic Portraits and Minimalistic Abstracts. My portrait work is concerned with social contemporary issues, seeking to highlight women’s challenges in the current society and to start a conversation around them. While my Abstracts are a way to explore textures, materials and let go of my own emotions.

I was born and raised in Medellin, Colombia during the post-Escobar time and to experience very challenging situations at a very young age. After working as a graphic designer for several years, I majored in Product Design next to my education in Plastic Arts, which I gained at a younger age at the Bellas Artes Academy in Medellin.

By my early twenties, I moved to Munich (Germany) to pursuit my Design Career, which gave me the chance to travel around and do projects all around the globe. I´ve lived in different continents, in places like Los Angeles, Shanghai, Bali, San Francisco, Kuala Lumpur and others.

Due to health issues in the previous years, I was forced to spend a lot of time at home, which led me to explore my old hobbies and to rediscover my passion for fine arts. A passion that has contributed to my healing process.

The experience I gained through several years working in the design world, together with the cultural experiences that I´ve collected from so many different cultures gave me a good base to develop a successful career in the art world.

Though I am an emerging artist, my work has been sold to private collectors all around the world, in places like Medellin, Genua, Munich and Los Angeles.

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