Letteria – LillyLillà Russo

Letteria Russo LillyLillà –

Artist and designer, LillyLillà’s artistic forms of expression range from eyewear and jewelry design to painting. She implements multiple techniques, materials and tools spacing from canvas and paintbrushes to digital instruments.
With a versatile and synergetic creativity flowing towards the research of our internal experience and everything surrounding us, LillyLillà begins to draw and paint since childhood. As per vocation, the vigorous strokes of color become an extension of the soul and they exteriorize as pure and limitless energy through the blend of techniques and influences. Lines and tones from ultraviolets to infrareds, fluo, strong and soft colors embracing the 9 colors of the rainbow: the acrylic on canvas translates into a language of vibrating combinations and contrasts where dreamlike labyrinths transcend verbal communication.
While painting, LillyLillà enters a meditative state of reconnection to pure conscience, intuitively revealing her individuality and emotions to transform the artworks into unique and original pieces. She has also created a series of digital art prints on several supports such as aluminum, plexiglass and print on canvas.