Lisa de Hoogh


My name is Lisa de Hoogh born in the year 1989 living in Alkmaar. My last training was for Life Coach, unfortunately, I had to discontinue it due to circumstances. Furthermore, I am self-taught, I develop myself through self-study.

I found my passion for painting because I was looking for something that would completely distract me from the flow of thoughts. As a young girl, I took drawing lessons and that’s where it all started, withdrawing. But here too I was not satisfied and that is how I ended up with painting.

The reason I was looking for something that would completely shut me off from the outside world and quiet my mind. Is because I suffer from daily fears due to past events. And I wanted to get rid of this, I even wanted to be free from this and this is what painting has given me, freedom!

Because I am now almost on a daily wall, the pile of canvases is getting higher and higher and there is almost no place on the wall where I can hang anything. so my brother came up with the proposal to sell my paintings. When I thought he, why not. If I could survive what I’ve done, I’ll have to take this leap of faith too. So here I am. I find this super exciting and I hope you enjoy my paintings as much as I do.