Lynn Spoor


Lynn Spoor, is a bright, up-and-coming artist from The Netherlands. Born on 7 July 1997 in Beverwijk, the Netherlands, she currently lives and works in Overveen. Having completed her fine-art course at HKU, the University of the Arts in Utrecht. She has amassed an impressive international following of admirers on social media where she finds inspiration and support. Her medium, however, is far removed from the digital world of manipulated images. She paints bold and active brush strokes on large canvases. Drawing deep from her roots in Overveen, a coastal town dominated by the steel industry and the North Sea, her art is dynamic and raw.

After discovering how the mere change of a few lines could dramatically alter the emotions conveyed by the charcoal and pencil life-like portraits she drew growing up, she found her freedom in abstraction. From exact imitation of external reality, Lynn Spoor has evolved to successfully create a less representational visual language. Anonymous, sometimes obscured, often mysterious faces express her personal reality filtered through feeling. She continues to explore new methods of expressing the emotions she formerly drew in portrait, using unconventional materials such as aluminum and techniques such as geometric stamping.

Exploring the interior processes of her life, Lynn Spoor often creates series, enabling a dynamic interplay between the canvasses and their vibrant colors. In her recent paintings, she has made a more or less complete retreat from representation. Reflecting her energy and state of mind when painting, color will take precedence over shape, departing from the distraction of realism.

”Although my personality is revealed through my art, I do not wish to force an interpretation upon my audience.”
Lynn’s latest work is a stylistically varied exploration of the colors and textures of flowers. Capturing their bright palette in layer upon layer to provide a visual antidote to the harsh realities of everyday life. Stepping away from modern world worries, Lynn offers the viewer the reality of nature’s enduring beauty and diversity. Day and night.

Art buyers worldwide appreciate the youthful positive energy manifested in Lynn Spoor’s paintings. Currently being sold to art collectors in Amsterdam, London, New York, Los Angeles, Colorado, San-Francisco, Marbella, Glasgow, Berlin, the United Arab Emirates among other places. Some of her work is part of the art collection of Rohan Marley.

Lynn’s work is adored around the world.