Małgorzata Chajnowska


Malgorzata Chajnowska technique is solely oil paint on linen. She is a figurative artist, portraitist and participant of international level competitions. Mainly self-taught, but she mastered through studying classical technique with Alex Venezia, Louis Carr and some more..This artist paints portraits of people and emotions, giving souls to her artworks.We can see that dominant subject of her paintings are female characters, but there are also elements of orient and folklore. Through folklore collection artist expresses the adventure of living and is raising consciousness about nurturing local traditions and caring for its cultural heritage.The first paintings from her portfolio are matt and she uses a thin layer of paint, later she progresses with adding more subtle brushstrokes and using impasto to create texture and visual interest. Above all this artist values perfection and aesthetic finish.Malgorzata is leading a bohemian lifestyle, she currently lives and maintains a studio in the Netherlands.