Małgorzata Chajnowska


My name is Malgorzata Chajnowska, I’m a Polish origin painter residing in Haarlem in the Netherlands. I am primarly a self taught artist. I started painting in my late 20’s when I ended up taking a long medical leave. It was during this time that I really made biggest progress in developing artistic abilities (playing saxophone and painting).
The very first lessons I took from my father, who was a realism painter too (painting frescoes in Polish church and mainly biblical scenes). I signed up later to art atelier East Oaks Studio to learn directly from Alex Venezia, Louis Carr, Sean Cheetham.
I continue expanding my knowledge about art history aiming to create something impactful, but mostly
I pour my heart and soul into artwork trying to capture atmosphere and emotions instead of analyzing what’s hot and trending in the art market.
My goal is, when I am an accomplished artist, I would like to give training and curatorial advice to younger realism painters.