Manuela Alfieri


I work on advertising posters that are generally thrown away. Thanks to the glossy surface I can create various shades of colors. I start from figurative elements and then I let myself be carried away by colors and sometimes arrive at abstract effects.

Old and new, detailed and indefinite, figurative and abstract. All contrasts within my concept of art. I started by reworking advertising posters, those that were usually thrown away when they finished their purely commercial use; I took them and reworked them in my own way. Way, following many times the figures represented on them, but giving them a different meaning according to the inspiration that the subject gave me.
This “modernizing” the image gave me satisfaction, but now this is not enough for me anymore. I want to give a more intense and indecipherable meaning to my works, revolutionize the subjects by letting myself be carried away essentially by color and matter, no longer giving so much importance to details but to the meaning that the represented subject can convey.