Marek Borkowski


Marek’s years of unbearable suffering and an endless search for something he even didn’t know brought him to a realization that the mind was trying to express itself through painting.
As he painted his first piece his mind stopped, he realized that he was guided by something unknown, something indescribable in words.

Since, May 2020, he painted many pieces, which were exhibited in Europe, UK, and Canada.
Marek’s paintings are pure expressions of the mind.
While painting he allows the mind to express itself instead of trying to portray feelings and or deeply suppressed emotions.
Marek doesn’t name his work because, whatever the name it wouldn’t describe that, he invites viewers to deeply connect with the object and feel or see that. What is that? That is an expression that is indescribable in any words.
Marek’s past present and forthcoming exhibitions:
September 2020 Virtual exhibition @DSagazArt
September 2020 competition and finalists exhibition @Tall Sequoia Gallery in Canada
October 2020, Artfair in Marbella Spain @VanGogh Gallery in Madrid, Spain
October-December 2020 online exhibition @ArtGallerySw
October the 22nd until the 20th of December 2020 group Exhibition in London @Itsliquid
November the 15th Virtual Exhibition @VirtualArtists2020.

Marek’s work can be seen at