Maria Cristina Cerminara


I’m a multidisciplinary artist, working in the last years mainly exploring drawings techniques.
I live and work in Rome where I was born.
My research is founded on paradox, play, irony, and the exploration of reality through its contradictions.
I use a combination of different visual languages.
My multimedia pictures often start with a drawing and the creation of objects.
These objects and drawings are intimately connected to our bodies and our everyday rituals.

By casting ironic regard also on the much-exploited universe of sexuality, I play games with the concept of “normality”.

I generate mutant realities, like those that contemporary man lives in.

After my art studies at the Art Academy of Florence and Rome, I moved to Great Britain and then to Germany where I organized my first solo exhibitions and begun experimenting with different art media, such as digital collage, installations, and site-specific projects.

I am interested in the reactions of contemporary human beings faced with the shattering of their illusion of total control over reality/nature
and I am interested in the sense of isolation and loneliness pervading an increasingly alienated world.

In my latest work, I explore woman’s body perception generating sensual creatures born in an unconscious universe, full of the deep intensity of life.