Massimo Arrighi


Massimo Arrighi, is an Italian painter born in 1957. In his artworks we find monochrome and two-tone canvases and each time the pigment on the acrylic – be it red, white or black combined with gold – tells of that specific attention to color that many artists have nurtured with intensity, sometimes almost like an obsession.
In his two-color artworks we see that they are divided by a vertical line, the second by a diagonal. And so in his canvases blue and silver, black and gold confront each other, and the artist is not obliged to renounce the play between the eight colors into which his philosophy is condensed. In this way, Arrighi has notably expanded his field of possibilities.
In his artworks he has used main eight colors, the primaries red, blue, yellow, then silver, gold, graphite (grey), and the “non-colors” black and white, arrive at a material abstraction, with many folds and layers on the on the canvas that recall the universe conceived by Leibniz (“wavy”, as Gilles Deleuze wrote in The fold. Leibniz and the Baroque, Einaudi)

Massimo Arrighi has had many national and international exhibitions from 1990 up to now.