Midori Kawa


In a universe described by existentialists as absurd, I as an artist intend to carry the quest for the self, sincerity, and emotional authenticity into a world of uncertainty, placing great value on discovery, risk-taking, and adventure into the unknown. My work examines the relationship between essence and existence. It is a radical celebration of individualism, a rebellion against the conformist society.

In Buddhist teachings, existence is seen as a continuously changing current, etched in the universe’s uninterrupted flux. My work is an attempt to stop time, to materialise a fragment, a suspended moment, on the paper’s surface. This type of work is rigorous, precise, sometimes painful, but for me there is meaning in this kind of trial by disciplined, repetitive movements. The bands I make is like a moving, flowing river. The idea of a river that is always changing with no beginning and no end, where each atom in perpetual motion reflects deeply rooted attitudes and beliefs of my culture.

In the process of painting, I overcome the self over and over again. This experience is what I call “Intrinsically”, the driving force behind the shaping of self. “Intrinsically” literally means “innate characteristics and abilities of individuals”. It is our ever-evolving sensory psyche. It can be compared to a pre-shaped sponge in our unconsciousness, absorbing our personal bodily and spiritual energies, holding them as memories and shaping us into who we are. I feel it should be everybody’s quest in life to come into direct contact with his or her personal intrinsic abilities and to express it in the fullest possible way. l want to experiment with ways I could transcend human presence through the abstract mass of paint. To engage with the painting as if it was breathing. In life and art, it is the tension between clarity and possibility, between what we know and what we don’t know, that engages and enchants us. The point after “happily-ever-after” and “never seen again”.
My aim is a simple one: to explore the dialectic field between two poles – a calm, meditative state on the one hand and a physically powerful expressiveness on the other.