Naima Karim


The sky is full of dreams. I discovered this as a child growing up in Bangladesh observing the sky as it constantly changed the colors and the expressions with it. The sunrise, the sunset, the dark night, the rain when it is full of dark clouds all seemed very romantic to me.

After graduating in Fine Arts I moved to the Netherlands and was inspired by the Dutch masters like Van Gogh’s colorful paintings and Ruisdael’s deep, dark yet beautiful clouds. Now I live in Saudi Arabia where the sky is clear with simple yet rich colors, which inspires me to paint and experiment with all kinds of media. I work with watercolor, acrylic, oil and mixed-media depending on the mood and intended texture. I also experiment with a wide range of brush strokes, knives, sponges to achieve the textures. My works are sometimes realistic, sometimes impressionistic and nowadays a bit abstract.