Nooshin Zokaie


Born in Iran, Teheran in 1978, Nooshin Zokaie studied Economy in Teheran, Alzahra University, but her enthusiasm for painting motivated her to shift her focus from economy to complete courses in painting. During the years of experiencing different methods of painting, she has also experienced many courses of sculpturing in Iran. She has taken part in many group exhibitions in Teheran from 2006 to 2012.
In August 2014, she moved to Milan, Italy and started studying painting in Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera in Milan, Which she brilliantly ended in 2018. Her final dissertation was, indeed, the body of work ‘The Covered City’.

This series of artworks under the names of “covered/uncovered” and “visible/invisible”, talks about the process of finding that lost beauty. The covers that covers our life in its all points. In this project she focused on the landscapes of her hometown, the buildings under constructions and the sea. Mostly in blue and white, ocean and snow… the two colors that come for peace, deepness, silence and hidden beauty.

During her studies in Milan, Nooshin has been strongly supported by his teachers to explore and push her artistic talent, and today, she is busy researching and studying new techniques to improve her art flow continuously.
She has had many selective exhibitions in Italy.