Paolo Chiarloni


My name is Paolo, I’m born in Turin on 5 December 1970, and took immediately confidence of art every day like drawing, pencil, painting, etc.
Paolo Chiarloni, An Anthology of the imagination, Part dream and part reality, light hearted images with a bitter aftertaste which sometimes be rather disturbing. Paolo Chiarloni’s work attracts us by its immediacy,and by its chromatic variety. His works speak to us about what they are made of and what they portray, nothing else.
There are micro-stories to be hung on the wall,a kind of sarcastic cartoon,based on the element of pure play, an element imagination, a game of eccentric, grotesque cross reference, which remains, however, just a game. If the period of transgression in art has come to a close and is no longer considered fashionable,then we can approach this artist’s work by enjoying the narrative dialectic with which it is infused and entering into the vaguely “regressive” spirit which the artist himself is seeking to confront.