Petar Joksimovich


My name is Petar Joksimovich. I was born in 1987. I live in Belgrade, Serbia. I am an engineer by profession, I completed a Master’s degree at RGF, University of Belgrade. I am a painter by vocation.

My works have received exceptional criticism from the most eminent Serbian painters and art experts: academician Ljubica Cuca Sokich, academician Vladimir Velickovich, prof. Branko Miljush, prof. Milosh Shobajich, painter Dragan Cile Marinkovich, painter and writer Momo Kapor, director Emir Kusturica and many other art connoisseurs.

Exceptional criticism followed from the experts of the St. Petersburg Hermitage, as well as the Picasso Museum in Barcelona.

My painting talent was noticed when I was less than 3 years old, when in 1991. organized my first portrait exhibition. In 1997. at the age of 10, my first solo exhibition of paintings was organized. So far, I have had more than 35 exhibitions in the country and abroad, and I have more than 27 years of exhibition experience. In 2006, I also passed the entrance exam at the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts.

As a high school student, I was nominated by the German Embassy in Belgrade and the cultural attaché of Mr. N. Nowak to apply to the Hochbegabtenförderung – Bochum (Institute for Above-Gifted People).

I have been awarded several times for my work. Some of the awards are “Belgrade Angels”, when I was included among the 9 most talented young people in Serbia, as well as the Encyclopedia “They are coming”.

In 2016. I received official invitations to exhibit from several of the world’s most prestigious galleries to promote young artists: Moscow Contemporary Art Center WINZAVOD, AGORA GALLERY of New York and THE BRICK LANE GALLERY of London.

My works are created in the manner of existential post-expressionism.