Pio Schena


Pio Schena is an Italian contemporary visual artist and musician. Pio earned his MA in Scenography from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bari, Italy, in 1982.
He has been working in the underground movie industry and visual arts since 1980, particularly focusing on the link between music and film. In 1993 he explored the relationship between the artist and audiovisual media. Some of his films are archived in the Film Library of the National Short Film Centre of Torino. Until now his visual works and paintings have been featured in many exhibitions and film festivals around the world (Vienna, Basilea, New York, Roma, Athens, etc). In 1995, he founded the band Serial Killer in which he played as a guitarist. They have recorded 7 albums and played live with several renowned musicians including V.Capossela, C.Actis Dato, A.Salis e V.Curci.
Currently, Pio is working on his electronic music project “Chanse”.
He works as a visual artist and musician in Italy.