Sabrina Madaro


The art of Turin painter Sabrina Madaro is characterized by a colorful dancing circus of images depicting composed disorder.
Her paintings are fragments of a pop narrative, the tale of a truth appertaining to the artist’s Id which multiplies and transforms itself through the gesture of hand on canvas. The being that loses itself and finds its identity through the unique power of Art.
The paintings of Sabrina Madaro do not desire to send a specific message, rather, to recount through painting a round dance of different and complementary states of mind, those of the artist and of whoever, observing them, feels they are theirs and wishes to embrace them. Sabrina Madaro is a self-taught artist, born in Turin (Italy) in 1979. Her pictorial path has been constantly evolving, starting from a form of expressionist figurative painting characterized prevalently by female faces and nudes, then moving to a more pop approach using various techniques, materials and supports in an anarchic way.

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