Salvatore Maiorano


I’m Salvatore Maiorano born in Naples on 08/28/1984, fond of photography and self-taught.
In 2009 I started taking the first photos with a compact camera, but what over the years has encouraged me to continue and cultivate this wonderful passion was the feedback I received on social networks. From the first images, it was exciting to note the great interest aroused in the public for my vision of the world, as it transpired from my photographs. The particular impressions aroused by any scene are the primordial engines of the shot: I would not, therefore, speak of an emotion in particular, but rather of pictures of real life that push me to throw, so to speak, the hook. I have often thought that photography could be compared to fishing: as a fisherman hopes to return with the net loaded with fish, so the photographer always hopes to return with a burst full of emotions.