Sara Aref


Sara Aref is a visual artist currently living and working in Brussels. Enthusiast about the colors, motions, nature and light, she is actively producing her original artworks expressing her feelings using different shades of colors.

To reach the abstract form, she uses the delicacy of the painting or of the Persian miniature in her works. Graduated from Brera Academy in Milan (Italy) with a 1st class degree in Visual art, she studied her BA and MA in painting graduated in 2016 and in 2018, respectively.

Sara has been part of some artistic programs, for example has been selected and could participate in Biennale Venice in students’ section in 2016.

Sara has participated in different exhibitions in Milan in ” CONSTELLATIONS (2022)” and in “UNDERPASS 3 (2020)”, and in Tehran ”100 Works, 100 Artists” in 2016 and 2018, etc. Furthermore, her works have been published in magazines and catalogues such as Codice Italia (IT) in 2016, etc.