Shahina Jaffer

United Kingdom

Shahina Jaffer is a St Martin’s School of Art graduate with an impressive catalog of work behind her. Over the span of her career, she has presented her work in exhibitions worldwide, including London, Barcelona, New York, Mexico City, and Genoa, and has recently added to this list with her exhibition at the Virtual Burning Man 2020. Shahina’s artistic output pivots primarily on perception, encompassing all natural phenomena, be it corporeal or celestial. Using paint, water, and the weather as conductive energy, her practice focuses on the exploration of movement – allowing the paint to flow, uninterrupted and without interference. Her work combines emotional intuition and empirical observation to encourage and investigate the encounter between artist and observer. Her creative exploration combined with her expansive expertise on human behaviors breaks traditional boundaries, revealing a deeper meaning in her work that could be overlooked without due attention. Shahina has described her unique perspective in an interactive TEDx talk called ‘The Art of Perception’. She believes that art should be an interactive experience, in which the viewer goes on a personal journey.