Tarja Berner


I am an artist born and raised in Finland. For some years, I have spent a big part of the year in Ayamonte, Spain, and can finally fully focus on my art and painting. It’s wonderful, and as I love colors, I benefit from getting inspiration from the color spectrum of tree very different countries. It hasn´t always been like that and it took a long way to get here.
It wasn´t until me and my then-husband moved to Florida, U.S. that I truly got back in art. After two years there we opened an art shop selling lithographs of established artists and home decoration art. I returned to painting myself and suddenly found myself selling my own paintings as well. It was like a dream come true, but sadly dreams don´t always last forever.
After six years running the art shop we divorced and I decided to return to Finland. It was starting a new page in my life again and of course finding a job. I started as a real estate agent and later as a Sales Director for two offices. While in the beginning it was interesting and to get an income, it became a job I loved and I stayed for 12 years. The only downside was that it was time-consuming, so art became more of a vacation hobby once again.
But there was a silver lining too. I met my now-husband and in 2017 we had the possibility to quit our jobs and can fully focus on art again.

I get my inspiration from everyday life, nature, music, and feelings. I love colors and abstract art gives me the freedom to express myself through color and form.
It is interesting how colors affect our mood and memories.
I wish, when somebody views my paintings, they would feel uplifted and happy.