Temidayor Ayeni

Lagos Nigeria

Temidayor Ayeni was born in Lagos on
9th of May 1985. He holds Nigeria Certificate in Education (2009) and National Diploma in computer engineering (2010) .
I guess I was born an Artist. My fascination with nature and colours started quite early. I can recall fiddling with drawings and paintings as four years old . As a young boy, my favorite hobby was collecting comic and abstracts . I cannot remember my parents helping to develop my talent at any point. so it was particularly difficult for me since I did not get much encouragement . They on the the other hand tried to steer me in a different direction. I developed my self by making use of available resources around me.
I love Art. It propelled me to be better at many other things I had to do alongside, since I was free to indulge in it, as long as nothing also suffered. my folks were glad, it kept me busy and around.
Temidayor Ayeni is a totally self-taught Artist with striking talent and a broad vision in arts based in Lagos, Nigeria.