Victor Quinonez


I am an Ecuadorian-Italian artist who began his artistic career amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Using some recycled canvas and whatever art supplies I could get in the strict lockdown that Ecuador underwent, I began exploring the essential artistic techniques of realism and figurative art with a slight approach of subjects through expressionism. Exploring the anatomy and dynamism of the human and animal form, I chose subjects ranging from portraits with neutral poses to the dynamism and movement in bullfighting. I have also focused on exploring the relationship between form, light, and color, primarily through the technique of ‘chiaroscuro’ and the use of intense contrast within the chosen subjects.

As a new artist, I have also focused on exploring a vast range of materials in my artwork. Although I primarily use oil paint, I have worked with acrylics, charcoal, color pencils, watercolors, pastels, and a variety of base materials such as paper, cardboard, canvas, and ceramics. The exploratory phase I have described above has opened an assortment of paths in my artistic style, and it has and will continue to be the crux of my personal signature as an artist.