Victoria Soto Madrid


Victoria Soto Madrid (1987) known as Mademoiselle Chocolat is a Spanish visual artist based in Amsterdam since 2014. Originally studying Fine Art in Murcia and Milan and a Master in Contemporary Art Curatorship in Rome and other in Visual Art Education in Alicante; Victoria has paved a path as a freelancer visual artist since 2010. The painter has the ability to jump between rough and evocative portraits to wild and colorful landscapes. Her work shows some attributes of feminism, abstract art and expressionism and is infused with autobiographical, psychological and sexual content. Most of her paintings are seen as portraits but they do not represent people but an emotional state. Her art focuses on more serious themes such as sexuality and violence undercover by bright colors and childish and funny characters. The brushstrokes and the lines add great detail and texture to her compositions. In Victoria’s more recent work she employs acrylics, spray, ink and pastels overlapping underdrawings, movement and ambiguity to create more interesting compositions.