Vincenzo Zarbo


Vincenzo Zarbo was born in Noto on 25/04/1985, since he was a boy he has been fascinated and attracted by the graphic language of comics, this push ed him to enroll in the state institute of art, to deepen his knowledge of drawing and painting. After graduating from high school in pictorial decoration, he enrolled in painting at the Val di Noto academy of fine arts, concluding the three-year period with a thesis focused on socio-anthropological research for The community ok Camminanti. In 2010 he specializes in painting and conducts a study on art and boxing (Action and Body). Vincenzo is inspirerà by artists such as Lucian Freud, Jenny Saville, Francis Bacon.
Boxing influences his art, in fact his works are characterized by a dynamic gesture and apparently controls into and by the explosion of energy given by combinations of complementary colors. The artist displays the athletic dynamics of a boxer dancing and jumping from side to side and hitting with the force of a hurricane.
Teacher of art and image in high school, teacher of painting at the academy of fine arts Val di Noto, technician of the Italian boxing federation, Vincenzo researches every day in how to find new way and connections between art and Boxing.