Beautiful Druid

Viktor Soukhanov


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40cm x 40cm


I created my artwork in Procreate program on my iPad. The dimensions mentioned are the maximum resolution to print it from the JPEG image. My works are about sensuality and colors. I start with choosing a background color. It is white by default, but it is difficult to paint on white, so I choose a neutral tone. Then I do a sketch with a brush that suits me more to make the image soft, sharp or transparent. To paint over I switch to another layer. There are many layers in stock so I can manipulate them. The advantage of layers is they can be placed one behind another. They are like transparent papers. "So if I want to paint a forest behind a figure I move the layer with the forest behind the layer with the figure". My favorite brushes are charcoal, soft brush and dry pastel. Brushes are resizable and I can change their intensity. I can resize the image and the detail while painting. My relation with my artwork is complex, like a marriage.