Carpe Diem

Eliza de Geus


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90cm x 70cm




Without Frame


Oil and pigment on canvas


My intention for this painting was to capture the essence of of the famous quote ‘Carpe Diem’ by Horatius which is part of a longer poem: “Don’t ask (knowing would be a sin) what end the Gods have decided for you and me, Leaucenoe, or consult the Babylonia tablets. The best will be to bear whatever comes. Whether Jupiter has still given us many winters as if this, that now hits the porous rocks of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Is the latest in our lives, be wise enjoy your wine and do not have a long hope, while we’re talking about, our time is escaping enviously. Seize the day, and trust in the future the least as possible.” Not knowing and not wanting to know what the future holds, means to live in the moment, and accept the moment. From a place of acceptance comes surrender, and from surrender we receive the gifts that are here in the now for us.