Carl Kenz


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100cm x 60cm




Custom made wooden float frame included


Acrylic on canvas


"COMPENSATORY JUSTICE" The times of compensatory justice have long been numbered. Printed paper is above everything. Money. A man-made god who could hardly be more narcissistic. Ruthless towards everything and everyone, and yet worshiped and adored by most. A distorted reality in which universal knowledge, intellect, and logic, is clearly defeated by a few printed notes of paper. His power seems limitless and grows steadily, fed by so-called individuals or those who want to become one. Transformed into wooden puppets hanging on the silk twines of life, the human species can be found again. Directed by power, money, and its puppeteers, who cover themselves high up in dark clouds. Question everything, use your mind, make decisions, follow your heart. "To each their own". (Suum cuique tribuere)
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