Benjamin Nyari


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60cm x 80cm




Without Frame


acrylic paint and oil charcoal


"Mr. Double Headed" is an intriguing portrait that was created spontaneously, without preconception or planning, relying solely on the artist's instinct and experience. The painting exudes a lively energy and movement, as if the vibrant colors themselves are dancing and swirling in a joyous celebration of life. The artist has expertly blended and layered the colors, resulting in a sense of depth and dimensionality that draws the viewer in. The subject of the portrait is a mesmerizing figure with two heads, each with its own unique expression and personality. The artist has captured both the distinctiveness and unity of the two heads, creating a harmonious and compelling composition. Overall, "Mr. Double Headed" is a captivating work of art that challenges the viewer to question their preconceptions about the nature of identity and individuality. Its striking imagery and expert execution make it a memorable and thought-provoking addition to any art collection.