Fue el Estado

Jaime Adan Muñoz


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41.5cm x 30cm




Without frame


Oil on board


Apparently just a sunny street in San Miguel (Mexico). Only this painting represents a bit of how Mexico operates today, a kind of critical X-ray. The colonial architecture of those who were once powerful (even though they are long gone now), still reminds everyone who is in control. Although this image is not up to date (I promise to do it soon) a bit of a military truck can be seen on the right side, speaking of the insecure current conditions of a country at war with the big drug cartels and itself. A graffito on the wall manifests: 'The State did it' (which in this case refers to the disappearance of the 43 students of Ayotzinapa, one of the most terrifying cases in Mexico's recent tragic history). So the hidden voice of the Mexican people accuses given the evidence, while a simple woman (representing the vast majority) walks down the street minding her own business while the now usual convoy rolls by minding its own business as usual. Ayotzinapa will not be forgotten.