Elena Bandurka


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40cm x 30cm


Oh, by the way. I'll share a strange feeling one time. Once I flew to Hong Kong from Amsterdam and in a hotel, the windows didn't open there, there was a feeling of horror, the building was moving, "well, I thought it and wanted to move out before I got into the room ", but there was no strength, I thought, okay, I'll sleep. And when I woke up, then everything passed. I don't know what hallucinations or tremors of the earth's crust were tired, but when I woke up, I was in no hurry to check out earlier from the hotel. Print on Acrylic glass. This photo, one of my Art Projects, when I travel and make an autoportrait with my tripod in hotel rooms and other times visiting art fairs, is too much inspired by people near me and all exciting things.