Oksana Kulish


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35cm x 45.5cm




fiberboard (thickness 1 cm), levkas, tempera, acrylic


The main idea is that we, Ukrainians, finally received from the USA a very cool weapon for a counterattack - HIMARS. Our Armed Forces of Ukraine are already hitting the Russian invaders with long-awaited HIMARS missiles. I decided not to draw the entire HIMARS missile system, but only one missile. The difficulty was related to real life. After all, when I started thinking about the sketch for this work (it was mid-July), the USA gave us HIMARS missiles with a range of 70 km. But we asked for missiles with a range of 150 km or more. A thin grey rocket with a firing range of 70 km did not fit into the blue sky of my artistic composition. But a missile with a firing range of 150 (or more) km would be suitable. Since this rocket is white in colour and larger in size, I decided to draw just such a rocket. According to the artistic composition, a missile with a firing range of 150 km suited me. My father told me: "Daughter! By the time you draw, the Americans will already give us missiles with a range of 150 km." Because my work process from sketches to the finished painting is long. And my father's words came true. After I finished painting in the last days of August, I heard from our military experts that the Americans gave us such cool long-range missiles.